My Last Princess: Women as Objects in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

4 thoughts on “My Last Princess: Women as Objects in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

  1. AHHH one more complaint – even if Mrs. was an abbreviation for “mister’s,” it doesn’t mean that now. Words change over time, society doesn’t see it as that now so that was useless to add in. Oh, and by the way, I believe that Mr. meant Master and Mrs. meant Mistress, where on Earth did you hear it meant “mister’s?” BUT you provide a fair point about the whole “Blacksmith’s Wife,” trust me I felt uncomfortable by that too and I would have preferred if she were given some other sort of identity of her own, perhaps her own name.

    ACTUALLY one more complaint :P Link wasn’t saving the Zora Queen from being fat, she was saved from a CURSE. A curse that changed her body proportions outside of what was normal for HER. Please don’t refer to the stone she used as a diet pill, oh God no, if you paid attention to the game then it says that the stone was the only thing that warded off the CURSE. Again, CURSE. You’re REEEALLY stretching to make this game look sexist.

    Look I won’t argue that Zelda has had sexist or even racist parts in any of its games, but I think you’re making mole hills into mountains here. If you want to analyze a one dimensional female character in a Zelda game, try Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword’s Zelda had the watered-down powers of a Goddess and yet was overly emotional and defenseless. THAT’S the game you should be condemning, not A Link Between Worlds…

  2. Also it’s true that you never see Zelda performing duties in A Link Between Worlds but honestly I think that’s just because it’s a 2D Zelda game. I know that’s not the best excuse, but in Twilight Princess you see her make decisive sacrifices for her kingdom and she plays a much bigger role in the story. It seems to me that 2D Zelda is about exploration and 3D Zelda is about story, so if this game had been a 3D Zelda game we’d probably get more setup before jumping right into the adventure like we do. Oh and just because there’s a big final cutscene that adds 10x more story than what was covered before doesn’t mean that ALBW was a story-centered game. Furthermore, Zelda games have had Zelda use the light bow in the past. In fact she’s done that in, as far as I know, at least three Zelda games: Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Spirit Tracks. Personally I dislike the fact that she was even able to do stuff like give Link a weapon while she was inside of a painting because it defeats the purpose of being helpless, so you have a point there, but the way I see it, it was a last minute, minor plot point that they threw in literally just to give you a new weapon for the final battle. It could have been done better.

  3. Hey look I’m a feminist and all but Link Between Worlds is not a good example of objectification. I get that it stands out because they’re literally turned into paintings – they being the important, powerful beings, both male and female – but the reason for this is because Yuga is the villain. Every time Yuga disregards Zelda’s comments and instead starts complimenting her looks, the player is SUPPOSED to be disgusted. It’s supposed to feel uncomfortable that this guy is treating people this way. When Link saves the sages, he isn’t merely “fighting over women for his own purposes.” You say that his goal is the same as Yuga’s but that’s absolutely ridiculous, his goal is to STOP Yuga and save them because he’s a moral person. 6 women out of 9 important figures are not a bad ratio. Keep in mind that, in total, there are 10 important people in the game. The seven sages, Zelda, Hilda, and that old man from Kakariko Village whose name escapes me. 6 of the most important characters in the game are female! That’s good, not bad! The other 4 men were JUST as defenseless, by the way. The only person who isn’t defenseless is Hilda, a FEMALE, and she only gets captured because she gets caught by surprise. I actually was hoping Link would get to fight Hilda because she shows off amazing magic powers twice in the game; if anything, it could be interpreted as a little sexist that we DIDN’T get to fight Hilda, because I think Nintendo avoided Link fighting Hilda simply because they didn’t want gamers to feel icky by “fighting a girl.” THAT should be the only complaint of this article, everything else is just classic Zelda material that’s been used on both genders.

  4. Well, that certainly taints Link Between Worlds in retrospect. It’s interesting how much they shackle themselves to Link to the Past – there certainly is precedent for Zelda shooting the light arrows / being an archer in Twilight Princess, so they could’ve had a segment with you distracting painting Ganon and her doing the actual legwork. Or even with just her as a painting doing the same moves as Link had been doing.

    Instead, they kept to largely the same attack patterns for the first part of the fight as Link to the Past (I’d have to verify but I’m pretty sure on that one) and ended it with Link hitting Ganon with arrows, same as LttP.

    On a side note, they really should have Ravio and Hilda costumes in the new Smash Brothers.

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